Open Daily for Pickup 9am - 3pm
We have carry out Food, Beer, and Wine
Please Call ahead to coordinate delivery options. (815) 678-4124 
Curbside Delivery with your make and model of vehicle.

Serving high quality fresh food is what we do, but in these circumstances it is not playing in our favor on costs. We will continue to crank out our drink menu, but eliminate food items until it proves cost effective.


In an effort to keep our environment safe and sanitized, we have kept our inside free from the outside elements, including customers.  We have worked really hard to implement online websites and apps and we are trying to narrow all orders down to an automated system. It’s quicker, up to date, saves your payment, saves your drinks, eliminates errors, carries rewards, and it keeps us as safe and healthy as we can control in these unknowing times.


We would be more than happy to handle any large group or catering needs as well. Please contact us

Thank you for all of your support,

Angela, John & Maya


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