Open Daily for Pickup 8am - 3pm
We have carry out Food, Beer, and Wine
Please Call ahead to coordinate delivery options. (815) 678-4124 
Curbside Delivery with your make and model of vehicle.


Our atmosphere is missing a huge component and it is really lonely around here without you and the rest of our Main Street family.


Right now, so many of you are starting a new schedule and getting used to a new system. John and I are doing the same and we will be open and there for you when you need a caffeine boost, to get your foodie fix, or just to treat yourself. 


We have been given certain restrictions from the Governor and McHenry County Health Dept. I wanted to share those with you so you are aware. 


-I may not permit any on premise consumption

-We have been encouraged to sell off premise by curbside pickup, third-party delivery, in house delivery, or drive thru.

-Customers may come on premise to buy food and beverage they are carrying out, but must keep social distances, and not loiter or consume on property.


This is a very hard hit for all restaurants. If the place you love to go is offering carryout, please do your part to order take out from them or buy from your local grocer and boutique rather than the big box stores. They seem to be working extra hard to stock their shelves and the local restaurants are going to have a hard time surviving two weeks without much for sales.


Our goal is to get our girls back to work, but that comes with sales. I know there are industries working overtime right now and industries not working at all. It is a very unknowing time, but we all can come together as one and make the right choices for all in the world to feel safe and secure again.

Steps we are taking to continue to serve you.

Step 1: Place an order on your phone


John & I will be here to take your phone orders (815) 678-4124 or you can use our website to place online orders, which we are updating every day. 


You can order beer or bottles of wine take out as well. 

Step 2: Curbside Delivery

Feel free to give us your car make and model and we will run your order right out to your car when you are parked. As of right now, we are responsible for keeping people from eating, drinking, or congregating in our building


Deliveries we are working on in the near future, but can most likely be coordinated, but please call ahead (815) 678-4124

Step 3: Refocusing Energy

As entrepreneurs in times like these, we look for ways we can help to readjust in a positive way for you. We have a very busy part of our business that is required to be empty and have the chance to refocus our energy in other ways.


Please let us know if anyone needs:


-have lunches made for your small groups

-scheduled deliveries

-would like to rent consigning space (due to the event of having further dining in restrictions)

-Is there something product wise we can help with? I gave toilet paper to one of our regulars the other day. Something so simple, but if you don't have it, then it becomes a strain.


We truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your support.


From our family to yours,

John, Angela, & Maya


private parties


job info

please email



10321 N. MAIN ST